Meet Suman

Today, join us as we sit down with Suman Dangol, our newly appointed Assistant F&B Manager. We’ll explore the motivations behind his move to Tasmania and discover where his passion for Food and Beverage first took root!

Q: Where were you born, or where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, and left there when I was 19 years old.

Q: When did you move to Australia, and what motivated you to make this move?
I moved to Australia last year on 1 September 2023. The reason behind this move to Tasmania is my wife. After a decade of a long-distance relationship, we finally got married in 2022. She was living in Australia, and I was in Dubai. One of us had to leave everything behind to start a new chapter, and that person was me (😉)

Q: How long have you been in the F&B management role? Tell us about your career background, any career highlights or countries you have worked prior to Mr. Good Guy.
I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 13 years now, starting my journey in May 2010 as a banquet waiter in a five-star property in Kathmandu. Now, as the assistant F&B Manager at Mr. Good Guy, it’s been quite the adventure.

My career has taken me to various countries, including India, Thailand, and the U.A.E., where I’ve embraced different roles. In my previous position, I served as the Bar Manager for Solutions Leisure Group in Dubai, overseeing venues like ULA, STK, and Koyo. A significant milestone in my career was being among the final eight contenders for the Caterer’s Bartender of the Year award in 2019 for GCC countries while working as the Head Mixologist for Treehouse at Taj Dubai!

Q: When you were younger, what inspired you to pursue a career in Food and Beverage and why?
In my younger years, I initially aspired to become a chef. However, the allure of the glamorous hospitality industry led me to work in the front of the house. Dubai’s booming hospitality scene attracted me when I completed my bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. I joined Taj Dubai at the age of 21 as a bartender and spent eight years there, chasing my career. Throughout those years, I had the privilege of meeting inspiring figures, such as Simone Caporale, in the industry, keeping me motivated and driven.

Q: What was your favourite thing to drink when you were younger? Is there a drink or food memory that is dear to you?
As a child, my favourite drink was banana lassi. In the heart of Kathmandu, there’s a famous stall that exclusively sells lassi. The lassis there are so fantastic that people wait for hours just to get a glass.

I hold food memories dear because eating engages all five senses, and one memory that stands out is the first time I tried pizza. Growing up in a middle-class family, dining out was a rare treat. When I finished Grade Four, my mum took us to one of the fanciest restaurants in Kathmandu. That’s when I had pizza for the first time, and it became my favourite until I grew up.

Q: The drinks list at Mr. Good Guy has a lot of Asian influences. What is your favourite tipple on the drinks list and what dish would you enjoy it with?
While all the drinks are excellent, if I have to choose one, it would undeniably be the Asian Fashioned. As a whisky and classic old-fashioned lover, this drink is exceptional. Since it’s a twist on an old fashioned with some spices, the Malaysian seafood curry is the best pairing from Mr. Good Guy menu.

Q: What is your favourite dish on the Mr. Good Guy menu and why?
Undoubtedly, Beef Rendang takes the crown as my favourite from our menu. With melt-in-your-mouth tender meat and a wonderfully complex-flavoured sauce, it’s the king of all curries. My first encounter with Beef Rendang was in Bali, Indonesia, at a local cafeteria recommended by my travel guide. Since that moment, it has held a special place as one of my all-time favourite dishes.

When I joined Mr. Good Guy, the first dish I sampled from the menu was also the Beef Rendang, and I was delighted to find it authentic and perfectly cooked. Kudos to the chef for maintaining the excellence of this dish on our menu.

Q: Where would you love to travel next to try the food?
Greek cuisine fascinates me the most, and Athens is on my bucket list. I can’t wait to savour Souvlaki with tzatziki, sipping Assyritko. I wish I could make it this year!