Meet Indi

Today, we’re sitting down with the incredibly talented Indiarna Hayes to delve into the origins of her journey with Mr. Good Guy and to uncover the inspirations fueling her passion for delivering our delicious food and drinks to your table!

Q: How long have you been in the F&B Attendant role? Tell us about your career background, any career highlights for working at Mr. Good Guy.

I’ve been in the food and beverage department for over a year now. I believe this job is more than just serving drinks or waiting on tables. It gives me a chance to get to know more about each guest staying with us – why they are staying, where they are traveling from. A highlight for me is seeing guests return more than once.

Q: Who inspired you to become an F&B Attendant and why?

When I first started, I never thought that the group of people I work with now would become part of my family. Now, it’s my teammates who inspire me to keep going with this career.

Q: What was your favourite thing to eat/drink when you were younger?

My favourite drink was strawberry milkshakes, and my favourite food was dino nuggets.

Q: The drinks list at Mr. Good Guy has a lot of Asian influences. What is your favourite tipple on the drinks list, and what dish would you enjoy it with?

My personal favourites would have to be the Lychee Martini or just a simple glass of the Moscato. They both go well with any of the food options on Mr. Good Guy menu!

Q: What is your favourite dish on the Mr. Good Guy menu and why?

I have two favourite dishes. One of them is the Thai Green Curry; I love that because even though it’s a curry, it’s not a spicy dish. The flavours work well together. The other dish is Pad Thai; it has everything in there that I love, and the noodles are very filling.

Q: When you’re off work and looking for a great feed, what are your favourite foodie/drink hot spots in Devonport?

I am usually more of just an eat-at-home type of person, but when I do go out, I like sushi from Bento or just the simple chips and gravy.

Q: Where would you love to travel next to try the food?

I would love to go to Thailand or Bali, for the food specialty there! Can’t wait!

Photo credit: Ness Vanderburgh